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Ron Bee

Christina Di Leva

Jeff Marston

Terry McKearney

Enrique Mesa

Yen Tu








Ron Bee.

former State Department Official
Director, The Hansen Institute

10 things I learned working in DC:

1. All the formal education you receive does not prepare you for dealing with people and politics.

2. Learn to think on your feet--trust your gut.

3. Life and politics is never linear, get used to it.

4. Be careful who you hitch your star to; their dumb mistakes will leave you unemployed.

5. Make your money separate from politics, then you can serve the public better.

6. Do you homework and listen more than you speak.

7. There's no limit to what you can accomplish if you are willing NOT to take credit for it.

8. Always treat everyone from administration to staff with golden respect--they get the work done and rarely get credit for it.

9. Answer every phone call and every email within 24 hours, and immediately if possible.  And always say thank you more than you think you should.

10.  Effective cooperation requires you solving another person's problem before your own, and most effectively, at the same time.

be a success,  symbol,  servant and star.



Dr. Ron Kirkemo

          Randall Schriver 

former State and Defense Departments official

CEO Project 2049

11 lessons from a career in Washington

1. Speak truth to power

2. Bad news is not like old wine; it doesn't get better with time

3. Get the message to Garcia (google it!)

4. Be the one who keeps their head, keeps their cool in a crisis

5. Learn to disagree without being disagreeable

6. Surround yourself with the most talented people you can; empower them to perform and give them credit

7. Ideas matter, but so do implementation and accountability

8. There are no small, unimportant people in your organization; treat everyone with respect, value what they do, and hold everyone to high standards

9. Never tie your ego or self-worth to your job; we're all quite replaceable

10. Just say no to dinners and receptions; go home and see your family

11. Pay it forward; be a mentor